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Workplace Safety Solutions offers professional health and safety consulting services to meet all of your health and safety needs.

Whether you are interested in reducing injury rates and claim costs, have had compliance issues, are having trouble sorting through the seemingly endless jigsaw puzzle of legislation, or would just like to take your Health and Safety Program to the next level, Workplace Safety Solutions can get you where you need to be.

Health and Safety Program Development

Your health and safety program is the foundation of the health and safety culture at your workplace. Whether you’re just setting up a new operation or want to enhance an existing program, Workplace Safety Solutions will develop a strong core program that you can build on as your company grows.

Health and Safety Program Review (Audit)

We will review your program in whole or in part to help ensure compliance with applicable legislation and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current health and safety program. A written report of findings, feedback and a corrective action plan will be provided to help achieve your goals.

Accident Trend Analysis

Understanding where and why injuries are happening and the severity of those injuries, is a key factor in reducing future injuries and claims costs. We provide an in-depth and detailed analysis of the injuries that have occurred in the past and provide you with a report that will give you a clear understanding of the emerging trends in your workplace. Our report will also include advice on your greatest potential opportunities for improvement.

Worksite Inspections/Hazard Recognition and Control

Many workplaces have unidentified hazards that may accumulate as they become familiar in the work environment. Our health and safety consultants bring “fresh eyes” along with expertise in recognizing “unseen” hazards to bring these to your attention.

We encourage our clients to make time for their company’s health and safety representative to join us during the inspection so we can provide on the spot training for these staff members on hazard recognition and control.

A full report will be provided detailing the hazards found, the degree of risk presented by these hazards, and a corrective action plan to eliminate or reduced these hazards.

Other Services

  • check_box Training
  • check_box Emergency preparedness and response planning
  • check_box Ensuing effectiveness of your Joint Health and Safety Committees
  • check_box Job safety analysis and development of safe work procedures
  • check_box Incident investigations and claims management
  • check_box Certificate of Recognition (COR) preparation

How does it work?

In most cases, a free initial consultation takes place to understand the needs of your company. If an opportunity exists for our services, we will perform a familiarization tour of your facility and create a proposal outlining the timeline for completing the tasks identified during the initial consultation. Companies are encouraged to identify what works best for their schedule and most clients prefer one day every two weeks until the objectives have been met.

For more information please call 604-309-7300 or use our contact form to send us a message.